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i'm hired !

Yeay finally i was hired at Famous Amos yesterday and today i started my training.
but as the first job i've ever had, it is so so soooo tiring !
i baked, i was the cashier and i also needed to count stocks.
i literally collapsed once i arrived home.
but yeah it was fun though.

i applied for many many jobs and actually was called for 3 of em
Delifrance, and Famous Amos.
i chose Famous Amos because it was the closest to my house
a bit disappointed though that Baskin Robbins didn't have any vacancies. oh well, Famous Amos is fun enough.

before started working, i sort of kind of got obsessed with making friendship bracelets.

i've made only 2 though, cause i've been busy with work.
in fact, i'm making another one now, since my work starts late tomorrow so i couldn't be bothered at what time i'll sleep tonight.

hope this one turns out pretty :)


  1. i'm trying to make alot of em. u can pick which one u like most :)