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eeee marah nya marah nyaaaaa!

ada lah kan sorang laki ni. an old 'friend' actually. idk how and why but lately we've been back in touch which is by far my biggest mistake cos now i can't get rid of him!
why won't you leave me alone ?
i'm not ur stupid girlfriend so dont treat me like i am.
don't tell me to call you every single night !
i have a life fyi. if u wanna talk so much, why don't you call?

eeeeeee marah nyaaaa dgn ur foolish behaviour. grow up for goodness sake.



i'm a dreamer

he texted me !! bla bla
so what?

dream on miraaaa --'


she's amazing!

betsey johnson baby!!

designs are my current obsession!


busy busy week

its been a looooongggg time since i've posted something new. welll besides being lazy, i've been attending program pendedahan kerjaya seorang doktor for 5 long days under jpa before i go into an interview for jpa's scholar.

sure does sound interesting, but honestly it was just okay. nothing that interesting. doctors were too busy to chit chat so we walked around in groups and i was in group D, the last group. oh, i was assigned in hospital serdang,
by far the coolest hospital i've ever been to. it happens to be a 'paperless' hospital so everything is based on IT. we went around visiting the forensic dept, O&G (wad bsalin), pediatric (my fav), clinics, wards, every single part of the hospital. most o0f the docs were busy but some were kind enough to entertain us. i.e Dr. Azril. he's an MO. a young, unmarried, handsome, graduated from ireland MO. need i say more? haha ok, i have a little crush on him :DD

anyway, the program was to introduce to us how a doc's life is so we wont regret being a doc or even quite during the stressfull housement life. well EACH AND EVERY doctor said that being a doctor is indeed a stressfull and tiring life. plus a non-social one too. it depends on how far u are interested in it. after a few days, a few ppl from the program decided to change courses, excluding me. a doctor even said that doing medic was his biggest mistake ever! frankly, i've been living with a doc my whole life and i am positive that if i like doing what i do, i'll survive.

so i've made up my mind. medic it is ! :)
oh and ada this one guy yg i couldn't keep my eyes off haha.
snapped this picture curi curi haha

ttfn :)


my favourite day

congratulations 0509 !
we did a great job at setting the bars high for this year's spm. i'm really really happy for everyone :)
but the one thing that annoyed me was the excruciating waiting. grrrrr! punya lah semangat nk dtg amik results with the sweaty hands and the butterflies. i came with mummy, so every 10 minutes daddy would call 'mira, dah dpt results belum?' 'mira, dapat berapa a?' my God i was very very uncomfortable plus it made me more anxious to know my results. FINALLY my name was announced and mummy was screaming haha. punya lah seronok, i called daddy

mira : daddy, mira dpt straight
daddy : yeke? betul ke?
mira : laaa tak percaya ke?
daddy : hahahahaha. buat list presents sekarang
mira : haha

i know daddy was just kidding bout the list. but if he really meant it, best gilaaaaaa. the first thing i'll ask is to pleaseeee nak pergi visit abang before i go off to university.

but not just about the results !
i got home after me and mummy went to eat satay at kajang. while eating, segala aunties and uncles called. haha it was fun to be the centre of attention. they said nanti kita buat bbq dekat rumah opah. yeay can't wait!so anyway, after i went in my room i just kept thinking about him. i really really wanted to call and share the joy because he really wanted me to get great results. he was the one that told me to study real hard plus we had been through thick and thin since form 3. it didn't feel right if i left him out. but the one thing holding me back from calling was me being terrified. afraid he wouldn't pick up or not wanting to talk. we didn't keep in touch actually since we broke up. so its been 3 months that i haven't heard from him.

i dialled his number then hung up before it rang. i was sooo nervous finally i mustered my courage and called and thank God he answered. sounding totally overjoyed, i told him my results and he congratulated me. that night he text me and we talked alot abt how we were doing so far and abt my future plans and that we would hang out some day. OMG i was soooo happy, i smiled from cheek to cheek. he really was nice. it kinda reminded me of why i ever loved him and why i still do :) anyway i know i can't keep my hopes too high but being friends is more than i could ever wish for *smiles*

so last night i slept like a baby.
today, i woke up still smiling :)

miracles happen once in a while. when you believe :)

ttfn :))


baby baby baby noooo

i know ppl think he sounds kinda like a girl, but i just love this version of 'baby'

just look at the bouncy thing on the head of the guitarist. i giggled throughout the song looking at it :D

ttfn :)