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beautiful girls

i'm not gay but i just love looking at beautiful girls that have wicked fashion sense. i mean c'mon, my tumblr is full of pretty girls and i won't even blink if i see one pass me by


getting dressed

" Always dress like you're going to see your worst enemy "
-Kimora Lee Simmons-

I absolutely need a wardrobe makeover. i have so so so many clothes, but i have nothing to wear. you see, i usually pick out clothes i wear the night before i go out. eventually, i choose the same friggin outfit over and over again. last weekend, i've picked out clothes from my wardrobe that i feel like i don't need anymore and want to give away. in the end, i'm constantly like "ini nanti nak pakai lah" and "sayang lah nak bagi orang bla bla bla" and now i'm stuck with closets stuffed with clothes i'll never wear.

so this will be a promise to myself ; Let go of things you don't need and give em to the people that actually need em. Bila mega sale eh? i feel depressed everytime i walk into Zara and Topshop and end up buying nothing. yeah i can always ask my dad for money, tapi i feel more satisfied buying things using my own earned money. so tunggu June ni and i'll shop till i drop

on my current wishlist :
  • Tiamo ballet flats. i fell in love with em the moment i passed through the store in Gardens
  • A Zara leather jacket. i've always wanted one, no reason why
  • Feather earrings. especially the ones i saw in Forever 21

i was thinking of buying a new perfume but thanks to daddy who bought me a few bottles during his trip to the UK. i can't stop smelling the Lolita Lempicka, Si Lolita one. Burberry, Touch is more sophisticated, which i'm not lol. Vera Wang, Lovestruck is sweet and vanilla-ish which i like. still, my fave pick is Lolita. to those that are looking for fragrancess, check out Lolita Lempicka. i'm not sure where its sold but you just have to pick up a bottle and buy it. like seriously.

okay wow, i didn't expect such a long post. cepat lah June :)



To everyone that grew up with Disney, that once loved Disney and those who still do ; have to stop whatever they're doing and watch this. like seriously.



i don't exactly hate you, but if you were on fire and i had water, i'd drink it lol.

nah i'm just kidding. i may never hate you or watch you catch on fire. i just don't want to be near u anymore, afraid of the hurt that u'll cause. again and again and again. oh thankyou for wishing me happy birthday though. honestly i was surprised that u were the first person to text me. sorry i didn't reply to say thankyou. i couldn't.

okay tadi at work was hectic! ada org gila ni tau. Gila as in literally. i could've reported him to the police for sexual harassment but thank God he didn't actually touch me. i would've been slapping his face so fast, he could become sane again. Thankyou to the people that hid me when he came back to find me. what if he comes again tomorrow? i'll pee in my pants :/

thankyou mummy for the necklace. it's what i've always wanted :)
thankyou daddy for letting me dream abt the gift i want. i'll tell u once i do :)
thankyou abang for the wish. eventhough jauh, u still remember :)
thankyou everyone that said "happy birthday". u guys are cool :)

" I've been afraid of changing
'Cause I've built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older and
I'm getting older too "

**can't wait for 6th June with Emira Nabila ♥



A day at the movies today was AWESOME (minus the infuriating one hour looking for a parking space) with Sarah. I couldn't care less how much i spent, especially since we watched at Gardens. i like watching movies at Signature. less people which means no fuss in lining up to buy tickets and less noise in the cinema.

I knew that Pirates of The Caribbean was gonna be great, but i didn't expect it to be that awesome. It was the first time Pirates was in 3D which made it even better. well the fact that it starred Johnny Depp, how could it not be great, yes? after this movie, my perspective towards mermaids have altered from the mermaids in The Little Mermaid i grew up with.

Sarah had to go back after the movie but then Hakim came to hang out with me. Lamaaaa tak jumpa, perhaps the last time was in Puncak Alam. Itu pun jarang sgt sgt sbb dia budak engine. best lah borak borak catching up :)

i drove back alone, which i like. i get to blast music and pretend i'm Travis Barker lol.

**Thankyou Sarah for making this. i'm touched :')


nobody really knows

*Please say there’s no regrets
And say you won’t forget

our 1000th goodbye
one way or another, we keep getting back in touch.
i guess this'll be our last
I don't want to go
But I feel like I should
i don't like being your second choice.

i'm terrified now. of getting attached to anyone


there she goes

i've always been there for you, when you come back from work late at night and feel hungry. i want to keep you company eventhough i'm exhausted from work myself

i've always been there for you, when you feel bored at home and needs someone to just go out and have fun with

i've always been there for you, when you can't sleep at night and you want someone to talk to

but sometimes, i wonder. i shouldn't be the one that cares too much and worries about you. she should. Her. doesn't she know how lucky she is? sheesh .


Happy Mummys Day!

Happy Mothers Day, mummy ♥ No one can compare to the love that you've poured onto me and abang !

Balik balik kerja tadi i read the sweet text abang sent. here is what it said :

M = for the millions of things you gave me
O = means mummy is getting older :)
T = is for the tears you shed bringing me up
H = your heart is pure gold
E = for your 2 loved children, Emir and Emira who is proud of their mom.
R = means she's always right, and always will be

All together they spell "MOTHER" and all that you represent to us. Today's just a day to make up for the thank you's that you never received .

as for me, i made her a bouquet of Ferrero Rocher flowers. Because i made it myself, i didn't have to pay yeay thanks to working at Famous Amos, which taught me a whole lot of expanding my creativity :)

**thankyou to the guy thats been giving me Starbucks blends for a few days now. i don't know your name but thankyou. ice blends actually make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, i love em hehe. if u come tomorrow, i'll give you a bag of cookies :)


eww !

i love working at Famous Amos
I love wrapping gift baskets, i love baking cookies, i love meeting new people, new friends
but there's this one thing that really gets on my nerves
a certain reason why i kinda sorta dread to go to work
my Supervisor. he drives me crazy !
i don't mind having a fussy supervisor, which he isn't. the point is he's soooo "miang"!
dia ni bangla tau tapi dah lama duduk Malaysia.
is it so hard to say "Emira, sana sikit. nak lalu"
kalau tak berapa boleh sopan mcmtu pun takpe, i couldn't care less but the fact that he grabs my arm instead of saying "excuse me"
i'm all like "ew, don't touch me".
okay bukan nak mengada, tp kalau setakat terlanggar tu takpelah kan. i still can consider. tapi ini sampai lebih lebih pulak. punya lah jauh jarak, tapi boleh pulak buat buat terlanggar. eee memang tak lah kan.

lepastu suka suki dia jeee nak bagi bagi my number to his friends. memang tak lah kan eee geramnya lah hai dgn dia ni.
lepastu lepastu this sunday kan mothers day. amboi kemain lagi nak buat ferrero rocher bouquet untuk mummy. not to be rude but sorry, who are you? i'll make one for her myself, thankyou. dah lah balik kerja suka message message tau. eee memang tak lah kan nak reply.

eee macam macam lagi lah perangai dia ni. tp tak larat nak cerita skrng. i'm way too tired, baru habis kerja. so goodnight .