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3 days 2 nights

nothing can compare to the comfort of you own cozy bed at home. well obviously

last Monday i've been staying at Pangsapuri UKM, Taman Tenaga Kajang with another 35 girls and 10 guys. my soon to be classmates in a month's time.

First day
arrived at 2.15, ready for the 2.30 briefing. i was quite embarrassed for letting myself bring 2 big bags while the others brought only one hand-carry bags. since we were free for the entire day after the briefing, daddy took me to go buka puasa with him and so i invited my roommate and a recently close friend, Iffah.

We went to Residence and thanks to Mimi's mom, she gave us a 35% discount. *thankyou mimi and Mimi's mom* :)
First night sleeping there was TERRIBLE! the fact that me and Iffah were literally rolling in our beds the whole night long trying to sleep but failing for hours! and, we were among the last to Sahur along with some other guys. oh well, sunat kan?

Day two
got onto bus at 0700 and unluckily got the hard-seated bus, the one like Rapid KL except it was UKM's. me and Iffah were way too drowsy so we climbed up that bus and couldn't wait to doze off . THEN we kind of cursed abit once we saw the other bus which was cushioned and looked far more sleeping-friendly with curtains and tinted glass. we slept anyways.

Arrived at the Indonesian Embassy to do our Visas which was empty and then flooded with people in a second. talk about sitting on the cemented floors in our baju kurungs because all the seats were taken and i dare not to fight over a chair with Indonesians. it could get ugly.
we finished at 3 and headed back and yes, i got on the cushioned bus *smirk* we even pit stopped in front of a bazaar and i specifically hunted for some Air Kelapa. got back to UKM and that night, i slept like a baby thanks to a particular someone that offered to text until i slept. aww sweet :)

Last day
had to board the bus at 0630 (i got the cushioned one again!) and we were headed to the Mara Building for a prep talk before actually going to Bandung. there was even a section where seniors in their 4th year (currently continuing in UKM) spent some time with us to give an overview about studying in Unpad.

there is one thing that amazed me the most! : the hostel (first year)
can you believe that we will be given a room each with our own bathroom AND there will be a maid making our beds everyday, cleaning AND there will be laundry every single day. my jaw literally dropped when Lutfi(senior)said that. All i need to do is study, the fact that theres someone to do everything else for us. Even our hostel, Bale Padjadjaran 1 looks amazing, and is only stayed by us the twinning students

second year, we'll have to stay outside campus. yet, there will be alot of choices of houses to stay. seniors talking about there having an affordable 3-storey bungalow fit for 8 people. Me and the other 7 of my new friends looked at each other and screamed "thats where we're staying"

around 4, we all hugged before parting ways. although 3 days wasn't enough to get to know all of the 46 people, but i met 7 new pretty amazing, funny and LOUD friends and it all goes uphill from here. now i can't wait to board my flight to Bandung !