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goodbye lullaby

it's the title of Avril's new album which has been on replay on my Ipod for a moment now. The songs in this album is really sincere and Avril seemed kind of vulnerable by the way she wrote the lyrics. Mainly the songs are about saying goodbye, missing someone and moving forward. can't blame her because she was actually having a rough time with Deryck Whibley and they finally divorced. but hey, the good thing is she came out with an uh-mazing album. my fave from her's to date. however there are some fast track songs, like the song called "I Love You". It's a sweet song with cute lyrics "The reason I love you is you being you". some people say that Taylor Swift is good at writing her emotions, but in my opinion the title goes to Avril.

ironically, Sum 41 released their new album too which sounds friggin great. but Deryck kind of poured his heart out too in the lyrics. i guess he's sad that Avril left him. but great album! somehow, the songs sound more mature than previous albums.

**my personal winner track from Goodbye Lullaby is "Wish You Were Here". The song being played on my blog.

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