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heartwarming .

husna showed me this video and it made me cry :')
this changed my perspective on how people are to be treated.
once we treat people nicely, even the meanest person on earth can be your bestfriend
so don't assume that bad people should be treated badly. deep down them, way down in the corner of their heart, there is a little spark of hope to be loved and cared for.

in this case, the lion showed that love endures all things, no matter how fierce people assume the lion to be. he loved the people who showered him with love

song : I don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith


Euw physics

i hate you physics because i don't know what you're trying to do. i don't even see the point to why you would want me to find the electric field btwn 2 points. to resolve each one with it's vector components. why would you want someone to find the torque on a loop. it's not like i'm gonna be an engineer or even a physics lecturer. so why won't you ask me to just find the magnitude of a vector or the acceleration of a car instead. even finding the voltage and current in a circuit is still tolerable. i'm getting all stressed out because of you.

oh and why must i read 8 chapters of you while biology maths and chemistry wants me to read a max of 4 chapters each for this coming test. and in the end, you'll only have 4 questions fr me to answer in the test on monday. and you want me to read 8 friggin chapters ?
you see, i'd rather read the gicantic Campbell Biology book a kazillion times.

sorry physics, i think we should go our separate ways
after i finish my foundation. i need some space. you see, i haven't been honest with you. we shouldn't even stay friends after that. i'm, well, just kinda using you to finish my foundation with good results. i never really liked you to start with. i'm sorry but i'm kinda in love with biology. i hope you find someone that can understand you better. but that person isn't me.

HAHA. i guess physics has made me a bit manic.

Kid, you're my hero !


Happy As A Clam

I'm super happy for two reasons :

  1. i've found my matrix card YEAY. well actually Husna found it while she was buying icecream at Egloo. Thanks a bunch Husna *grins* And for that I gave her a packet of M&Ms. it was all i had. but she was just as happy as i was once she saw em.

2. Chemistry test is OVER ! okay it's not like i've finished my finals but it's really a relief that atleast one subject is over. although i'm not sure how well i did, but it was still okay. You get what you give. and i really did give all i had so InsyaAllah it'll turn out okay :)

so, another 3 papers to go and about 2 weeks till my finals. i've been studying my butt off lately. i guess i really want those A's sooo bad. hope all goes well



my matrix card is MIA :(
dah lah ada test chem esok.
last sem phone hilang masa dekat test jugak.
sem ni matrix card pulak
sedihnyaa. kenapa mesti benda2 penting yg hilang ?
kenapa bukan getah rmbut ke, duit syiling ke, pencil ke
alahai sedihnyaaa.


A mother's advice on life

*mind the sucky language. I haven't been reading anything rather than books about chemical equilibrium, the nervous system and a whole lot of numbers in mathematics. well it's either this sucky language or some boring nerdy words.

it was a car ride home from puncak alam last friday when suddenly my mom asked about my previous boyfriend. she asked where he was and what he was doing. well all i answered was 'i don't know. he's out there somewhere'. then she smiled and gave me this whole list of advices:

1. enjoy your young life. you're young, don't let silly things get in the way of you achieving your dreams. don't let people hold you down. you have an exciting life ahead of you.

2. don't stick to just one boyfriend just yet. it's still too early and anything can happen. instead of expecting too much gain experience. try to get to know a variety of personalities so that you'll eventually pick the best. and besides, this is the time to be a little adventurous. jangan pula bila dah kahwin baru sibuk nak ber-boyfriend sbb dulu tak pernah rasa

3. be careful of guys. there are alot of nice guys out there but just as many are bad. especially when you become a doctor, there would be many of them guys that would seem as if they're crazy about you and wanting to rush into a marriage. be careful there. some maybe would just like to show you off, as if you were a trophy.

4. love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener. no matter if you've been in love a thousand years, marriage is a lifetime commitment. it isn't easy

5. he must stand as tall as you, if not higher. it doesn't mean that he has to be super tall or super rich or super intelligent or even superman. the main thing is that you two are at equal standards in terms of education level, mentally and maturity.

6. never think of giving up before you cross the bridge. until you've reached the bridge, there's still hope to fix just about anything.

7. someday, choose the perfect guy to be the father to my grandchildren. the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.

8. what you get is what you give. if you give all you have, you'll end up having more.

i've learned a whole lot from my previous relationship ; to never trust someone too soon and don't expect too much. it'll kinda kick you back in the face.

i guess it's true. Mothers do know best .


he's the only brother i have

goodbye abang

the last time you were about to board yr flight to australia wasn't so emotional.
but yesterday my heart was on my sleeve. it was so hard to see u go
maybe because you won't be back for a long long time.
recently you decided that you want to live there even after finishing yr Masters.
and i haven't even spent much time with you. i've been busy here, finishing my foundation
i really hope to see you soon. u've been the world's greatest brother and i'm gonna miss u :'(

this is a song from the movie 'Raise Your Voice'
it was a song for her brother, that he will always be watching over her.
i know u will too :')


scaredy cat

oh before that, i'd like to say "congrats amar! ugh jealousnyaaa ada adik baru. bak satu adik. nak pinjam" :D seronoknyaa dia, ada adik laki LAGI. kesian auni, takde kawan hehe

okay yesterday aqasyah had to go back home for some sort of reason, which made me being left alone without a roommate. okay, memang selalu pun tidur sorang sorang but this time qasyah bawa balik cadar dia semua cause she wanted to wash em. usually i wouldn't really mind being left alone. suka pun ada cause i can blast music out loud and do whatever i want

and then as i was about to jump on my bed at 11, Ilham pun masuk and ckp :

Ilham : mira tido sorang ke mlm ni?
Me : Haah. nape ?
Ilham : eee scary. Baik baik lah, karang ada pape ke
Me : ish. takpayah lah ckp mcmtu. ilham niii

i was so mad at her that when she went out, i kind of slammed the door with the help of the wind semalam yg sngt kuat. lepastu hujan. dah lah org ramai kecoh pasal hantu pochong dekat block ni. ramai dah org nmpk.

11.30 : I tried to sleep but every 10 friggin mins, i looked to my right (qasyah's bed)
12.30 : i got out of bed and turned on my table lamp so takdelah gelap sngt.
12.45 : looked to my right. again
1.30 : got out of bed, turned on the lights and stared at qasyah's bed. then i dragged myself to the toilet to wash my feet.
2.00 : listened to music
2.30 : looked at watch
7.00 : woke up.

i was sleepy as hell at lectures today. i don't even know why i was being such a coward last night. i've always been brave before this. stupid mind setting.

taknak ckp dgn ilham 3 hari .



it's almost 2 a.m and i'm still up, wide awake studying like a nerd

so finally i got bored and felt the the urge to pick up a pen and draw. and here it is :

okay back to being a nerd


a miracle happened

sebenarnya post title ni over sikit :D

so last night i slept like a log as early as ELEVEN o'clock. My eyes were killing me but i haven't even finished my chemistry tutorials and the assignment. but what the heck, i just climbed into bed and thought that i would wake up at 5 a.m and finish it. and guess what? i MANAGED TO WAKE UP (wait, this isn't the miracle part yet). So i crawled to my table and started to finish the work. I know, procrastination ! After subuh, i dragged myself back to bed thinking of just wanting to lie down for a sec. when i opened my eyes, it was already 7.45 ! Belum iron baju, belum mandi and flip flibberin flibbin hell i didn't even finish neither my tutorials nor the assignment. Dead meat man ! This was the miracle part : I received a text 5 mins after i woke up saying that chemistry class will be postponed. Like seriously ! Thank God, i was so happy i wanted to dance. But instead, i crawled back into bed and flipped open my laptop. The End :D


Jimi Hendrix

After i watched this video on youtube, i decided that i'm gonna add a 'to-do' on my list of 'things to do before i die'

21. Sharpen up my rusty guitar skills and play like a friggin pro :D

I'll be doing this on my 6-month holiday before doing my degree. thinking of going to Yamaha because i hated disliked my previous teacher at School of Music. Whats with the snobish-ness ? you ain't even Jimi Hendrix -_____-

okay i better get back to my chemistry assignment. The most important to-do for now.




i was going to post this yesterday, but the video i was making wasn't finished. you better forgive me for not going to yr birthday party yesterday cause it cost me hours and 184 photos to make this. Anyway, i ♥ you bestfriend ! i tagged you on this video in facebook :)


things to do before i die

  1. meet a wonderful guy like Jun Pyo ;D
  2. marry him
  3. have beautiful children
  4. become a great doctor
  5. see my children grow up
  6. see my children get married
  7. see my children have children
  8. own atleast 5 kate spade bags
  9. go bungee jumping
  10. learn to cook everything
  11. own a yellow VW bug
  12. take a picture with Tyson Ritter :D
  13. go to venice
  14. overcome my fear of ants
  15. wear a Baskin Robbin uniform
  16. become a hajah
  17. hold a real life monkey in my arms
  18. learn horse back riding
  19. go firefly-watching
  20. live happily ever after