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been busy (watching football)

i didn't believe that when ppl said "being a medical student, you will be busy as hell". now i've come to realize that they were true and thus explains why this blog of mine has become ancient.

i wish i could put into words EVERYTHING that has been going on since staying in Bandung, but unfortunately i haven't the slightest clue on where to start.

so i guess i'll just be starting with today and let the past few months' events be written once i have the time ( if i remember, that is)

SO yeay to HARIMAU MUDA yesterday! you made me walk proudly amongst Indonesian people here in Bandung ( eventhough at times i felt like i could wet my pants when an indonesian stares at me. you know how fanatic they get )

My senior (the head of Malaysian students in Bandung) got death threats and he admitted to have lodged a police report (yes, it was that serious). hopefully everything returns back to normal.

We screamed like lunatics watching yesterdays match. I didn't even study afterwards, tired of screaming and shouting and jumping and complaining ( oh c'mon the referee was bias big time! )

so okay thats all i get sleepy quick here and i sleep at 11 (MAJOR NERD!) due to the freezing weather here at night so, yeah.

Seriously what would we do without Khairul Fahmi. You were a hero !


mimi i ♥ you !

Myms ! fuhh finally you're officially 19 ! yeay to you :) so this year i decided to make cupcakes as a gift bcause i don't exactly have an idea on what to buy, but hey cupcakes are cute AND even cuter because I baked them *grins

So hanging out with you today was fun and i hope that we'll get to meet for the last time this thursday. and I can't wait to show you my new haircut !

*has anyone been like me, drooling over some Toms shoes on Tumblr, wondering where the eff you can get something as similar if not same, knowing that theres no Toms store in Malaysia?

Well girls, problem solved ! i've found and bought some similar shoes at Dorothy Perkins and can i say that the price is sooooo unbelievable? well yeah, it is! below than rm100. so those who have the same dilemma as i did, go rush to the nearest dorothy perkins. cheers !

** Dear Mimi, ure the coolest girl i know.
we'll be friends no matter how tall we grow

i think u're so special in so many ways
u make it sunny even on blue days
so thanks for being nice to me
bestfriends forever is what we'll always be


bags of emotion

Theres like 5 days left and i haven't even started packing. Packing has been my ultimate pet peeve ever. its so overwhelming.

Its abit disappointing this raya, Adly left his dslr charger in Meleka so not much photos were taken though nearly all of us cousins wore blue and looked all colour coded. we would've made Abang sooo jealous, but oh well.

The bbq at Opah's was an emotional rollercoster, from extremely fun to tear jerking. i'm super happy that i get to enjoy eating grilled everything, caramel puding that me and sarah made and all the food my aunties and uncles brought. but the moment it was time to go home, i teared up hugging my cousins.

though they promised to pay me a visit in Bandung, but it's still sad that i'll miss opportunities to join family events like yesterday's bbq. i'll miss them all.



Today i went to buy books with daddy since seniors suggested to buy em here in Malaysia bcos they say Medical books in Indonesia are far more expensive. and i can't imagine how the bill will turn out there since i could even buy an Ipad with the price of the "cheaper" ones here.

Carrying those awfully heavy books, i literally fell and stumbled on the way to the car. talk about humiliation. so falling down, carrying medical books before i even start doing Med. is that a bad or good sign?

**it's not as humiliating as stumbling over some stairs in my lecture hall during Asasi.


post-drama syndrome

Now i'm having a post-Kdrama syndrome.
Though it's not as bad as the one i got after Boys Over Flowers
but still, it's there
now, everything on tv seems bland

Thanks Mimi, for persuading me to watch Secret Garden
I guess I finally gave in and actually watched it after months
and as pathetic as i can be,
i didn't know how to download these Korean dramas
So i just simply bought the DVD.
Every penny spent was worth it.

the story was oh so sweet :')


I'm falling head over heels

*cameron & damian :)

head over heels for Cameron Mitchell. Not only does he have a suave sense of style but talk about his amazing voice

one of my fave from him :
cover of How Deep Is Your Love by Bee Gees