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Today i went to buy books with daddy since seniors suggested to buy em here in Malaysia bcos they say Medical books in Indonesia are far more expensive. and i can't imagine how the bill will turn out there since i could even buy an Ipad with the price of the "cheaper" ones here.

Carrying those awfully heavy books, i literally fell and stumbled on the way to the car. talk about humiliation. so falling down, carrying medical books before i even start doing Med. is that a bad or good sign?

**it's not as humiliating as stumbling over some stairs in my lecture hall during Asasi.


post-drama syndrome

Now i'm having a post-Kdrama syndrome.
Though it's not as bad as the one i got after Boys Over Flowers
but still, it's there
now, everything on tv seems bland

Thanks Mimi, for persuading me to watch Secret Garden
I guess I finally gave in and actually watched it after months
and as pathetic as i can be,
i didn't know how to download these Korean dramas
So i just simply bought the DVD.
Every penny spent was worth it.

the story was oh so sweet :')


I'm falling head over heels

*cameron & damian :)

head over heels for Cameron Mitchell. Not only does he have a suave sense of style but talk about his amazing voice

one of my fave from him :
cover of How Deep Is Your Love by Bee Gees