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Norman Musa

Nooo he's not my current boyfriend. he's actually the author of this amazing cookbook i bought. frankly lately i have a passion towards cooking so i thought that by buying this book, i could learn how to cook pure Malaysian cuisines :)


just wondering

i haven't seen you since last year and i was just wondering, are you okay ?
i heard u've started working.
and since we don't talk anymore, i just hope you're doing fine.
just bcos i still care :)


reblog reblog reblog

well it seems that i signed up fr a tumblr account despite what i said in my last post. maybe just one more social network wouldn't hurt. what can i say, i can't resist looking at beautiful pictures. so here, take a look fr yrself. cheers !

goodnight :)


a long long post

i just love searching fr pretty cool pictures but i just dnt know where to post em. and no, i can't afford handling another social network ; tumblr, flickr and such. so i'll just post em here fr now :)


for the first time in days

it's raining it's pouring
the old man is snoring
he went to bed and bumped his head
and couldn't get up in the morning

the rain is making me hungry


he puts a smile on my face

after a loooong drive back home (an hour and a half facing the crazy traffic), he put a smile on my face with his message.

"Hi mira! buat apa tu ?
kat sini dah sejuk around 10 daylight.

petang tadi daddy belikan jam and t-shirt utk mira.
Mesti mira suka. Bye manja "

my fave guy :)

quotes and pretty pictures


nothing personal

sometimes i just let my phone ring. it's nothing personal. there are times that i just don't want to talk.
and i've had this current feeling that i don't like a guy to get too close with me. it gets pretty uncomfortable.


view from the afteroon

i like music
i love art
i like traveling
and i enjoy my guitar.
should i become a rockstar rather than a doctor ?

naaah. i'll just become a cool doctor :)



i dislike endings. even happy ones

well the endings i'm talking about are the endings of stories. i just dont like the feeling when the whole series of a story or movie ends.

"nooooo ! dah habis ke ? alaaaa nak tgk cerita apa lepasni ? "

rasa macam semua cerita pun tak best dahhh :D
well theres this parcticular kdrama , boys over flowers . yeah i know, lambat gilaaa baru nak tgk cerita ni but thats only bcos i'm not really a fan of kpop nor kdramas but i never knew i'd be stuck on this particular one :O
sem break lah katakan, dah run out of ideas nak buat apa so layan jelah cerita ni.

okay mainly lepas je series ni habis mmg rasa macam lovesick haha okay exaggerate . asek teringaaaaat je lepastu keep playing the songs from the series. memang teringat yg tak boleh blah punya. memang asek teringat gilagila lepastu rasa mcm semua cerita dekat tv dah tak best haha.
i loooove the storyline. the meanest boy in school falls for the nice girl :) and and klaka jugak, not one of those mushy mushy love stories.
dahlah the hero is sangattt handsome ! tall with wavy hair. aaaaa comel comel ! tak jambu !
sooo not over boys over flowers yet ;D

okayy tu je. nak lepaskan rasa ni :DD


maturity, i guess .

i don't know why but lately i've been having this insane obsession towards anything vintage.
vintage bags, clothes, shoes, pictures, anything !

so i was browsing the net when i saw a picture of this shop and what can i say, i went GAGA ! :D

i'm on my sem break now. yeah, 6 weeks break baby !
but tuesday i have my speaking and listening fr MUET.
and the sucky thing is, they actually want MATURE speaking and writing. like no funny witty things. just serious boring stuff. aaaaaaa ! i'm not good at that. i only love writing like heartfelt or funny essays. well what the heck. theres always a first fr everything right ? now i just wish miss zil (the bestest english teacher ever) were here to guide me. i miss her classes :)

atleast band 5 please .
okay then. i'll see write you when i see write you .