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what the hell

i lovelovelove avril's new song "what the hell"

have you ever suddenly felt sad and you don't know why?
then you funnily become really hungry but you don't want any food you see, and you can't figure out what food you want, and you don't think it even exists. but then you realize that what you want is to see the person you're missing.

i do. actually this is what i'm feeling right now.
sad & hungry

but i don't exactly know who i'm missing. i just feel kinda empty. so i talked to Ilham & Ika bout it. they said sometimes people feel this. sometimes we feel empty inside but don't know whats wrong. and to be frank, i don't like it. it kinda y'know, hurts.


  1. best kan mecha :) eeeii mana mecha ni hilang, dah lama tak update blog ? :)