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Yeay yeay seronok tengok Maharaja Lawak. Seronok tgk balik those contestants that were actually funny, unlike Raja Lawak where some of em even made me wonder how did they even manage to get on the show. Maharaja Lawak really tickled my funny bones. tapi ada lah sikit2 yang lawak tak berapa nak lawak tapi not a majority of em. I'm rooting for Nabil (despite his controversies) cause well obviously his jokes were laughable. i'm also rooting for Jozan and sepah. Amir tu dah boleh keluar dah patutnya. anyways, can't wait for next week's show.

ehh dah alang alang tulis ni, i'd like to say that the movie Hop was awesomeeee, like seriously ! Funny and undeniably really really cute ! especially the scene at Fred's sister's play. well it was also cool that the bunny had a British accent and James Marsden was kind of handsome. In short words, two thumbs up !

so the day i saw this movie with my cousin last Thursday, i couldn't resist stepping into Zara. It was soooo exciting to see Zara being so colourful for it's Spring collection. i mean usually i get like mad going in there, but this time i was getting a sugar rush even before stepping in. it was like love at first sight when i saw this orange boyfriend shirt paired with a plain pink tank top inside which i couldn't resist and bought.

but the moment i got home, i realised the tank top was like senget. the sides of the tank top had slits and when i wore them, one slit wasn't on the side at all. nak masuk ke tengah dah. for goodness sake, i couldn't even tell if it was designed that way or not. nak kata 'ter' but it was Zara. nak sedapkan hati, i kept saying to myself, ini fashion. sengaja ni, sengaja -______-'

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