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if u've evr loved smbdy put yr hands up

will u cme back? no one knows
i realize it was only just a dream

to somebody nobody in particular. just a cool cover of a song i ♥


have a break, have a kitkat

been reading organic chemistry since noon
well its getting harder to stay awake now that its drizzling and the sound of the raindrops is making me feel awfully drowsy.
so instead of falling dead asleep i thought i'd take a break and do some tumblr-ing.
cheers (:


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

I'm having the urge to go back this weekend. But I'm gonna hold that back because i know how badly i need to study.

The sky's the limit

I'm so jealous of those ppl that are already doing their degree in Medicine

*I adore all of you ♥

i really really REALLY hope that i'll be one of you're peers one day



pffft .

some people are still alive only because it is against the law to kill em


I'm leaving on a jet plane

I'm leaving on a jet plane. i don't know when i'll be back again. Oh babe i hate to go

well i won't really be riding a plane like those kelantan and terengganu kids but i will be leaving. destination Puncak Alam and yeah i hate to go. the shitty-est part is packing. It's always been my biggest pet peeve evaaa ! I haven't even started. To be frank all i've done is shoved a few clothes into a corner of my room. I'm begging fr mercy here *yawns*



sekarang ni dekat bangi. lepas daddy balik kerja tadi dia ajak pergi minum teh tarik dekat mamak mana entah dekat2 sini. before this i've only heard of ppl drinking milo dinosaur, semua kata sedap lah apa lah so tadi pun saje lah nak cuba. mak aih tercekik dgn serdak serdak milo tu. sebenarnyaaaa dia kena kacau dulu ke serbuk2 milo tu ? ke mmg dia sengaja buat mcmtu lepastu boleh mkn serbuk2 tu ? ish tak reti. noob ! -____- tapi roti stim susu serious sedap gilaaa !

haaa lepastu daddy kata 'mira jom pergi al-jabbar kejap. nak beli slipper' and i was like 'al-jabbar tu kedai apa?' but i didn't say it out aloud. malas nak tanya so ikut jelaaa. tengok tengok we pulled up in front of Al-Ikhsan. Laaaaaa Al-Jabbar tu Al-Ikhsan keee ? -______- hahaha lawak jelaaaa sukati je tukar2 nama.


OMK = OH MAK KAU ! hehe
seronoknyaaaa dah reti tdo malam. seronok jugak bila breakfast at 9 a.m, not 5 p.m

and theres one thing i learned yesterday :
haha its always been my thing ; to ignore calls frm numbers i don't recognize unless i'm expecting a phone call. sombong ? ceh, manada !

sebab sebab dah menyesal buat mcm tu :

siapa siapa yg rasa rabun, tekan gmbr tu utk magnification :D

amar is one of my dearest friend besides emira nabila and i've known him since i was fourteen.
he has an amazing sense of humour, tickling everyone's funny bones
dulu masa form3, kitorang main pas2 surat eventho he sat right behind me. lepastu Melo pun mula geram geram entah sbb dia jealous kot haha
amar has been an awesome friend and i know he always will be :)



hehe comel nyaa !

tengok lah ni tengok lah ni.

daddy joined facebook :)

taknak raya lah mcm ni :(

kompang dipalu, pengantin baru haha tu haaa inai baru dijari kat gambar sebelah ni. pagi raya tadi baru pakai itupun tak sengaja jumpa inai dekat dalam laci masa cari nail clipper :D

okay bukan nak cerita pasal tu. ni tengah SEDIH GILAAAA tak jadi balik rumah opah raya tadi :( semua sebab tadi ada saudara belah sape2 entah datang raya rumah. eeeee sebok jee -____- takde mood nak layan diorang so tadi makan pun dekat dapur, tgk tv dekat dapur jugak.. boleh pulaaaak diorang bergelak sakan dekat living room tu while i was super super annoyed that because of them, i didn't get to eat opah's rendang and kuah satay ! the awful-est part was Lisa & Zachary byk gila gila gla call to ask

'kak mira dtg pukul berapa ?'
'alaaaa kak mira dtg lah'
'kak mira dah boleh dtg dah?'
'kak mira org tu dah balik dah?'
'kak mira zachary nak jumpa'

i miss you budak budak :(

lisa, me, zachary

mini skirts are hot !

but baju kurung(s) are HOTTER ! tadi jalan terhuyung hayang terkedek kedek pg beli baju kurung dgn mommy. mamai sangaaaat, mana tak nya tak tdo malam -____- haaa padan muka ! baju kurung ni bukan utk raya haji tapi utk pg lectures dkt puncak alam hehe. tak tahu kenapa tp semua pun baju cotton polka polka dot dgn bunga2 kecik

balik balik kena tlng mommy potong bawang sayur yang banyak gila nak buat lodeh. mmg serupa zombie, mata separuh buka, ngantuk GILA ! last2 lapik surat khabar dpn tv & bawa sayur sayur bawang pisau semua pg potong dpn tv.

lepas maghrib terus terbongkang tido depan tv saaaaampai pukul 12 mcm tu lepastu mommy kejut 'dah smayang isyak?' hehehe terus terbangun naik bilik. then mula lah teringat zaman2 SEMASHUR dulu

*selalunya masa form5*
habis je prep malam terus naik dorm naik katil then tdo dgn berbaju kurung lagi. lepastu agak agak pukul 3 ke 4 terjaga baru nak smayang isyak. sodorm lah tapi hehehe malu. itu pun bawa telekung pg sebelah katil loly sbb selalunya dia belum tdo duk bergayut dgn boyfriend boyfriend dia :D nak semayang tepi katil sndr, takut sbb semua dah tdo.

lepastu tukar baju tdo, naik katil then tdo. lepastu bangun lmbt, berebut dkt shower tggu turn mandi :DD those good old days (padahal baru tahun lepas haha)


i hate this !

Grrr i hate the fact that at night i can only get two hours of sleep max but during the day i sleep like a log with 7 hours min .
apa nak jadi anak daraaaaaaa -___________-


remember when the boys were all electric

ugly funny guys are way hotter than boring hot guys.

I got up from the couch, flipped open my laptop and logged in to my blogger account to share something to prove everyone wrong. COFFEE IS NOT ALL THAT BAD FOR YOU !

My housemates and cousins are always complaining that i'm such a coffee addict and that i might die fast -____- well, IN YOUR FACE ! you guys are so wrong *evil laugh*

the google results :

children who drink coffee with milk are less likely to have depression than other children. Coffee can make the heart stronger and protects it against heart diseases.Coffee stimulates the action of the heart muscle.So, it can reduce the risk of abnormal heart rhythm

Only too much will be harmful. well screw that, even too much of a good thing is bad. everything must be well balanced.

so if you're one of those I-need-a-cup-of-coffee-right-now type of person like me, then HIGH 5 and lets indulge our love fr coffee by making a cup right now :)


30 minute magic

Boleh ke selsema fr only half an hour ?

hachum hachum hachum, blow nose
hachum hachum hachum, blow nose
blow nose blow nose blow nose, hachum

30 mins later...



mentang2 MUET, takpayah lah buat suasana mcm LONDON

My MUET turned out fine. The huge and annoying problem was the freezing exam hall. I mean ice cold ! I shivered so hard that my lips went numb and my fingers turned blue. To think of it I actually looked like a freak suffering a severe case of Parkinsons demmit. Thank God my brain didn't freeze and my fingers could still function .


my hand hurts :(

haa nmpk tak benda bulat at my wrist ?lenguh lenguh ! sakit tau ! yesterday i went to see an orthopedic. i have to go thru surgery baby ! kena potong benda alah tu. aaaaa gila apa? Doc said that its called wrist ganglion cyst. my synovial fluid was leaking and that causes the lump. Doc tu siap buat lawak tau. dia kata kalau taknak go thru surgery, org dulu2 ketuk je pakai tukul ke apa biar fluid tu mengalir. err sorry doc, that wasn't funny. i'd rather do a minor surgery than breaking my bones --'


It's not Fathers Day, but

Your little girl has grown up daddy. She lies to you about her day, and goes out with friends rather than staying home. She knows how to doll herself up , and she has an interest for guys. However daddy, the only man she will forever love the most is you. She may have a million guys who steal and break her heart, but you are the only one who can give your blessings and allow the right gentleman to take your place as the new protector of the heart. I love you Daddy, signed your daughter.


geli geliman

this post title says it all.

needless to mention names, but u're just soooo annoying.
mula2 i thought u were kinda cool. haha i was wrong.
booooo !

yo bro! apasal u mcmtu? baru nak suka2 dlm diam. skali dah tunjuk belang. eee dah geli dah. tak jadi nak crush2. haha byebye lah bro

okay post bawah ni tak jadi ye dear readers. dah tak crush dah atas sbb2 yg tertentu :D



baby i'm yours

i have a crush on you :)


can't stop listening to Arctic Monkeys - Baby I'm Yours


haaa padan muka

i dislike waiting
i dislike waiting
i dislike waiting


tak best pon !

oleh sebab dah mabuk kepayang dkt junpyo (boys over flowers) my friends suggested personal taste, also featuring lee min ho. but DISAPPOINTMENT! tak best pun? first episode pun dah rasa nak tido. boring nyaaa lah cerita ni. takde lawak2 ke ? alahai. well that was the first and last episode i watched haha. so i guess i don't like kdramas. i just like junpyo ! awww ♥

okay yesterday i drove to sg wang with faghah and ain. dah lah mlm tu tak tdo, not even fr a minute ! insomnia-ish ? aaa wtv. tapi hebat lah kan drive all the way to sg wang yg nasib baik tak jam. so jalan jalan jalan cari bag si faghah. dia nak bgaya pergi class next sem :D sooo mula2 pg sg wang tu kami bertiga bought plimsoll shoes. mine and faghah's were red. ain's was brown. and i bought this The Rolling Stones tshirt yay ! tanpa segan silu masuk kedai2 yg dipenuhi jejaka jejaka yg berseluar skinny yg agak agak cool.

so then jalan jalan jalan lagi to pavi fr lunch. it felt like ages since i went there. masuk je Zara, me and faghah became BOF frenzy haha. nmpk sweater2 comel je ingat Jandi. Ada this one row of coats terus ingat F4. jumpa coat hitam yg pnjng terus sebut Junpyo haha. paling tak boleh blah was a short black jacket with a badge. 'SHINHWA' hahaha

balik tu we went back to TS sbb i parked my car there. i don't really like TS act. mainly bcos of the people yg berseluar skinny and berspek mata hitam jalan tekangkang kangkang huru hara je tmpt tu.

okay okay thats all :)


rants rants rants

tak dpt pun 4flat. jadi cleaner jelah mcmni :( siapa kata spm penentu hidup ? tipu tipu tipu. ASASI yg penentu hidup and unfortunately my ticket to doing medic just flew away. byebye lah medic. spm gempak mana pun tak dpt nk pursue.

mommy ? she didn't take it so well. still she wnts me to try my best

daddy ? like always, being so so supportive.

me : (in tears) daddy ! result teruk ni. mira buat biotech jelah. jd lecturer je
daddy : takpayah mira takpayah. belum habis lg ni. sem 2 kan ada lg. jgn sedih sedih.

thankyou. i love you

i hate you cry baby


sometimes i hate being such a softy. sikit sikit teringat. sikit sikit nak sedih. sikit sikit nak je text tp punyalah takut. ish alaaa ish alaaa ish pffft ! please laaaaa emira assila ! dah setahun kot and if he wanted to talk, he would just talk. and and stop lah expecting. just stop ! I know you still care and i know you still would just simply crawl back to him but NO ! you have pride and dignity. he chose to move on and so will you !

well yeah those memories just pop out of nowhere but what the heck. nama pun memories and bukannya boleh buat apa pun. i knooow that it's kinda shitty when you start comparing other guys with him, that no one can be better than him. but what the hell ? of course there are alot of better off guys than him. why can't you see mira oi ? why are you making such a big deal out of this c'mon lah.

please stick thru this and try to forget him. please please please. if Tyson Ritter can forget his girlfriend of 6 years, then so can you.

fr the friggin last time i'll say this out loud (i mean public) :
i miss you al-haizat

this is the original recording of Tyson Ritter's song he wrote after he broke up with 6 -year gf, Kim Smith.

Even he said : A broken heart just takes time