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swing swing

hari ni pun seronok jugak. i woke up early, picked up farah and drove to Tasik Permaisuri to JOG haha. oh and mimi was waiting for us there. eleh tapi berapa round sgt pun kitorang jog. we ended up playing on swings and chit chatting mainly talking about having boyfriends where we 3 pathetically don't own any hehe. tapi ada pulak sorang pekerja tasik tu blow blow daun kemain lama using that leaf-blower (idk what it's really called). bising so we couldn't hear ourselves and decided to move our butts to Kayu. kononnya nak minum minum air je. eventually the 3 of us ended up eating one Roti Petak each. i know i know, baik tak payah jogging haha. but what the heck, screw jogging. it was actually fun meeting tham and just y'know, talk .

oh and then around 3 i went somewhere with someone. it was the highlight of the day actually, even if i felt like smacking myself in the face for even going. ok i'm starting to sound delusional. so what, my blog. okay so long king kong .

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