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A mother's advice on life

*mind the sucky language. I haven't been reading anything rather than books about chemical equilibrium, the nervous system and a whole lot of numbers in mathematics. well it's either this sucky language or some boring nerdy words.

it was a car ride home from puncak alam last friday when suddenly my mom asked about my previous boyfriend. she asked where he was and what he was doing. well all i answered was 'i don't know. he's out there somewhere'. then she smiled and gave me this whole list of advices:

1. enjoy your young life. you're young, don't let silly things get in the way of you achieving your dreams. don't let people hold you down. you have an exciting life ahead of you.

2. don't stick to just one boyfriend just yet. it's still too early and anything can happen. instead of expecting too much gain experience. try to get to know a variety of personalities so that you'll eventually pick the best. and besides, this is the time to be a little adventurous. jangan pula bila dah kahwin baru sibuk nak ber-boyfriend sbb dulu tak pernah rasa

3. be careful of guys. there are alot of nice guys out there but just as many are bad. especially when you become a doctor, there would be many of them guys that would seem as if they're crazy about you and wanting to rush into a marriage. be careful there. some maybe would just like to show you off, as if you were a trophy.

4. love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener. no matter if you've been in love a thousand years, marriage is a lifetime commitment. it isn't easy

5. he must stand as tall as you, if not higher. it doesn't mean that he has to be super tall or super rich or super intelligent or even superman. the main thing is that you two are at equal standards in terms of education level, mentally and maturity.

6. never think of giving up before you cross the bridge. until you've reached the bridge, there's still hope to fix just about anything.

7. someday, choose the perfect guy to be the father to my grandchildren. the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.

8. what you get is what you give. if you give all you have, you'll end up having more.

i've learned a whole lot from my previous relationship ; to never trust someone too soon and don't expect too much. it'll kinda kick you back in the face.

i guess it's true. Mothers do know best .

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