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scaredy cat

oh before that, i'd like to say "congrats amar! ugh jealousnyaaa ada adik baru. bak satu adik. nak pinjam" :D seronoknyaa dia, ada adik laki LAGI. kesian auni, takde kawan hehe

okay yesterday aqasyah had to go back home for some sort of reason, which made me being left alone without a roommate. okay, memang selalu pun tidur sorang sorang but this time qasyah bawa balik cadar dia semua cause she wanted to wash em. usually i wouldn't really mind being left alone. suka pun ada cause i can blast music out loud and do whatever i want

and then as i was about to jump on my bed at 11, Ilham pun masuk and ckp :

Ilham : mira tido sorang ke mlm ni?
Me : Haah. nape ?
Ilham : eee scary. Baik baik lah, karang ada pape ke
Me : ish. takpayah lah ckp mcmtu. ilham niii

i was so mad at her that when she went out, i kind of slammed the door with the help of the wind semalam yg sngt kuat. lepastu hujan. dah lah org ramai kecoh pasal hantu pochong dekat block ni. ramai dah org nmpk.

11.30 : I tried to sleep but every 10 friggin mins, i looked to my right (qasyah's bed)
12.30 : i got out of bed and turned on my table lamp so takdelah gelap sngt.
12.45 : looked to my right. again
1.30 : got out of bed, turned on the lights and stared at qasyah's bed. then i dragged myself to the toilet to wash my feet.
2.00 : listened to music
2.30 : looked at watch
7.00 : woke up.

i was sleepy as hell at lectures today. i don't even know why i was being such a coward last night. i've always been brave before this. stupid mind setting.

taknak ckp dgn ilham 3 hari .