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Euw physics

i hate you physics because i don't know what you're trying to do. i don't even see the point to why you would want me to find the electric field btwn 2 points. to resolve each one with it's vector components. why would you want someone to find the torque on a loop. it's not like i'm gonna be an engineer or even a physics lecturer. so why won't you ask me to just find the magnitude of a vector or the acceleration of a car instead. even finding the voltage and current in a circuit is still tolerable. i'm getting all stressed out because of you.

oh and why must i read 8 chapters of you while biology maths and chemistry wants me to read a max of 4 chapters each for this coming test. and in the end, you'll only have 4 questions fr me to answer in the test on monday. and you want me to read 8 friggin chapters ?
you see, i'd rather read the gicantic Campbell Biology book a kazillion times.

sorry physics, i think we should go our separate ways
after i finish my foundation. i need some space. you see, i haven't been honest with you. we shouldn't even stay friends after that. i'm, well, just kinda using you to finish my foundation with good results. i never really liked you to start with. i'm sorry but i'm kinda in love with biology. i hope you find someone that can understand you better. but that person isn't me.

HAHA. i guess physics has made me a bit manic.

Kid, you're my hero !

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