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things to do before i die

  1. meet a wonderful guy like Jun Pyo ;D
  2. marry him
  3. have beautiful children
  4. become a great doctor
  5. see my children grow up
  6. see my children get married
  7. see my children have children
  8. own atleast 5 kate spade bags
  9. go bungee jumping
  10. learn to cook everything
  11. own a yellow VW bug
  12. take a picture with Tyson Ritter :D
  13. go to venice
  14. overcome my fear of ants
  15. wear a Baskin Robbin uniform
  16. become a hajah
  17. hold a real life monkey in my arms
  18. learn horse back riding
  19. go firefly-watching
  20. live happily ever after


  1. yg no. 11 tu biar saya dulu *berangan :P

  2. kak ika, kte sama sama cari jun pyo eh ;D

    haha atai. we'll see, we'll see ;)