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a miracle happened

sebenarnya post title ni over sikit :D

so last night i slept like a log as early as ELEVEN o'clock. My eyes were killing me but i haven't even finished my chemistry tutorials and the assignment. but what the heck, i just climbed into bed and thought that i would wake up at 5 a.m and finish it. and guess what? i MANAGED TO WAKE UP (wait, this isn't the miracle part yet). So i crawled to my table and started to finish the work. I know, procrastination ! After subuh, i dragged myself back to bed thinking of just wanting to lie down for a sec. when i opened my eyes, it was already 7.45 ! Belum iron baju, belum mandi and flip flibberin flibbin hell i didn't even finish neither my tutorials nor the assignment. Dead meat man ! This was the miracle part : I received a text 5 mins after i woke up saying that chemistry class will be postponed. Like seriously ! Thank God, i was so happy i wanted to dance. But instead, i crawled back into bed and flipped open my laptop. The End :D

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