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Happy As A Clam

I'm super happy for two reasons :

  1. i've found my matrix card YEAY. well actually Husna found it while she was buying icecream at Egloo. Thanks a bunch Husna *grins* And for that I gave her a packet of M&Ms. it was all i had. but she was just as happy as i was once she saw em.

2. Chemistry test is OVER ! okay it's not like i've finished my finals but it's really a relief that atleast one subject is over. although i'm not sure how well i did, but it was still okay. You get what you give. and i really did give all i had so InsyaAllah it'll turn out okay :)

so, another 3 papers to go and about 2 weeks till my finals. i've been studying my butt off lately. i guess i really want those A's sooo bad. hope all goes well

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