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zachary ♥

while i was rolling on bed, suddenly my phone rang *lagu boys over flowers* :D
i was soooo happy when i picked up the phone and heard the voice of a little angel
ahmad zachary ! heee i miss him like crazayy.
it's been awhile since we last met and played together
his first words were

yaaa! buat pe? ecky dah mandi ni *giggles*

eeee comel sngt dia ni grrr grrr geram sngt !
and no, he can't even pronounce 'mira' so thats why he calls me 'Ya' hehe
after that Lisa talked to me, asked when i would be going back to Opah's house

i miss you kids. sokay, after asasi i'll be staying at Opah's house for awhile to play with you guys. can't wait ! :D

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