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final exam syndrome

  • the futsal court is nearly empty
  • the house is awfully silent
  • sickness. Ika has a sore throat, Husna has a bad toothache and i have a flu.
i accompanied Husna to the dentist this morning
we were desperate to find a dentist in the middle of puncak alam
so i called mummy and thank God her friend has a specialist clinic in Klang
Okay, how the heck would we know where the clinic is?
Thankyou Google !

so we took 2 buses and a cab.
i felt like i was in India with the kind of people on the buses and on the streets. and the smell -_____-'

but for Husna's sake, i overcame the utter discomfort
her tooth must've caused so much more discomfort
so i said to myself "well, suck it up mira"

Alhamdulillah, we met mummy's friend and Husna came out from the the clinic smiling cheek to cheek :)

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