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goodbye puncak alam

finally, ive finished my foundation in puncak alam and here comes my 6 month holiday baby ! woohoo

so there are TONS of things that have to be done on my checklist and the first thing done is sleep for days. yeahh, i've enjoyed my days of sleep since the moment i got back home on saturday. and should i say that there were times when i couldn't even tell whether it was daytime or night. anyways i'm over snoozing for now and i'm ready to start my holidays for real.

oh but wait. I DON'T HAVE A CAR ! you see, my mom sold my Myvi (and took off all the buttons i sewed on the car seats too) because she's buying herself a new car and is giving her red car to moi. Score! as thrilled as i am, the bad news is her new car isn't going to arrive for atleast a week or two. so that means no car for me for the time being. yeahh i know, sad :(

but once i officially own that red car, i'd be putting on my shades and riding it everyday of the week. okay exaggerate -____-' but i will be out quite frequently. i'd be like sooo batak and be hanging out like all day.

oh and there are like dozens of movies i'm dying to watch. batak ni batakkk, dah lama tak pergi tgk movies. puncak alam made me a nerd.

so yeahh, this 6 month holiday will be crazily packed with fun !


  1. have a great holiday my cute lil student =)

    Yana hashim

  2. miss yana! you read my blog ? hehe. thankyouuu, i'll surely miss you miss ♥