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wobbly jelly feet

the moment i hopped into mummy's car, coming back from work she handed me the interview and test schedule for the UKM twinning programme on monday and tuesday. And need i say that i was shaken. i have a 3 hour theory exam and i have completely no clue what the questions are based on. i mean c'mon- 3 hours? thats like doing my finals. i just hope that this exam won't be as hard due to my brain which has been dysfunctional these past few months, apart from naming cookies and chocolates which is like easy peasy to me now

so i'm thinking of doing a bit (alot) of studying especially on biology and chemistry. and of course do a bit of brain storming on medical terms with mummy. working at famous amos will help too i guess, since i get to brush up my EQ.

so here comes the sleepless nights, troubled thoughts, loss of appetite, rapid pulse, trembling hands - those typical manifestations of exam fear