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british accent

when i was a kid, my mom said that i wouldn't admit that i was Malay. i would say
"i'm not Malaysian. I'm british"
well don't blame me, i was surrounded by British accents since i was two. look at me now, my grammar is plain dull and i've lost that beautiful accent. darn.

so i bought this book ; One Day by David Nicholls. about one third through the book, i found out that it's made into a movie starring Anne Hathaway. and she'll be faking a Brit accent. will she pull it off? i bet she will, she's perfect! and need i say amazingly pretty. j'adore !

i don't know when it'll be released in Malaysia, or will it even be released here. either way, i'm finishing the book. books are better than actual movies to me. books are original, illustrated by our own imagination.

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