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when a man cries

so yeah today i went to HUKM to take my Entrance exam to do medicine. i didn't know that to be a doctor i had to do an exam full of ridiculous physics and chemistry calculations - minus a calculator to be exact. so just imagine how dreadful it was -_____-" a hundred q's in 2 hours.

*i don't wanna talk about it

after the whole exam thingy, i dragged myself down to mummy's office which was of course, in front of the mortuary. yeah i know it's kinda freaky but people think it's a cool job. well i don't, due to the fact that i wanna save people, not cut open dead bodies.

because mummy was in the middle of supervising medical students, i waited outside, next to the body retrieval area where family members and friends waited to be called for identification of the dead body.

one thing that caught me was this chinese man. i think he didn't see me because he walked away from other people but walked near me, leaned against the wall and cried his heart out. to be honest, i've never seen a man cry that hard. it broke my heart in a way, that i had a sudden urge to go and hug him. but no of course i didn't. now that'll be weird cuddling to some random person.

no matter who he lost today, it was undoubtedly someone who he really loved and cared for. someone he would never expect to leave so soon. by the way he cried, he seemed unready to let go. he got away from a crowd and cried his heart out. i just hope he can sleep tonight though it may be hard.

i've never lost a family member or someone dear to my heart and frankly i'm not ready yet. i'm a sucker to letting people go. even in my past relationship, it took me almost 2 years to let go. and that wasn't even a death !

so i hope that i never stop counting my blessings.

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