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if tomorrow never comes

i hope it's not too late to say sorry to Amir Zainal Rashid's family for losing, i believe such a wonderful son. *al-fatihah* i hope he is placed among those with iman. i was meaning to write about his passing a few days back but i thought i'd write on something all-round about life too and since i know it would be a kind of lengthy post, i thought i'd write once i have some extra spare time, which is now i guess.

so this makes it the second friend i've lost. the first was Arwah Fauwaz, when i was in Form 1. we were in the same class and he was such a good kid. and really bright too. Maybe he was too good that Allah loved him too much. he died of Meningitis which i believe is an inflammation in the brain. my mom said the word 'itis' is a term for inflammation. like hepatitis; an inflammation of the liver- hepa is for liver. so okay nuff said of the biology terms.

However Amir, he died of bone cancer and also kidney failure. i referred to my mum, what does bone cancer have to do with kidney? was it the chemo or something. she said it was cos of metastasis *i think this is what she said, i'm not familiar with the term*. she said that bone cancer really spreads fast to bloodstreams and organs. the saddest part of losing them is that they are so young. i mean, imagine what they could contribute to the world if they were still living and healthy.

imagine what the world would be like if children around the world were given a chance to live, getting cured from some kind of disease. sometimes, it's not that they can't be cured. it may be because of the lack of money to pay for medical bills. thats the one reason i'd like to become a dedicated doctor ; i'd like people to be given a chance to embrace and taste life.

to me, being successful isn't about being filthy rich. it's about sharing money you've earned from all the hardwork with the people you love. i've been turning down invites to join some lousy MLM groups because i don't believe in earning, or should i say "cheating" money that way. i'm not impressed at all when one of the member said he was going to get his Audi in a weeks time *barf*. be a man and go out and earn your own money, not by getting money from people that join your group. and what was the main purpose you joined the group? if i'm not wrong, you said you wanted to help your family, yes? then buy a friggin house or something for your mom and dad for goodness sake. instead you buy an audi and brag around town wearing a suit? oh come on. thats the diff between people that know how to value money. they put their family first in terms of spending

whenever i think of throwing things and not being able to finish my food, daddy always talks about how he would love to have my things or food when he was a kid. how grateful i am being given things more than i needed. and sometimes, he would help finish the food on my plate for me. my dad teaches me alot of things about valuing money and giving back.

i'd love to be able to give back to my parents someday, with the money i earn in the future. so i'll have to start kicking myself to work even harder than before, starting with my interview with Mara on the 20th and test on the 21st. i know i won't be able to give the world or even a mountain of money - i'll leave that to abang because i'm sure he's gonna be a filthy rich architect, but i'm dead sure i'll be able to keep them healthy and happy.

"having a chance to live is far beyond more valuable than all the money in the world"

and need i say more, thats the reason why i'd love to become a doctor. i'd be like superman going around and saving lives, okay exaggerate but hey- it is kind of similar. and of course, save young lives like amir's and fauwaz's.

**yesterday i found out that daddy bought tickets to go to the UK and France. i was ecstatic to the point where i cried. i haven't been there since i was 7. what a lovely birthday present. thankyou daddy i ♥ u :')

told ya it was gonna be a lengthy post :D


  1. Terima kasih Mira kerana mengingati Amir, semoga Amir diletakkan di kalangan orang yang beriman.

  2. Today is the 7th year of Amir's passing...Alfatihah for hom...