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yesterday after work, i had a tingly urge to watch a cartoon movie. so i digged through the piles of dvd's at home and found Madagascar 2. if only i could put into words the feeling of happiness i felt watching it. i have a little secret ; whenever i feel tired and stressed out, i watch cartoons that sing alot. sometimes it even gets to the point where i watch Barney. watching these, i feel that life is actually really simple where you can just dance in the rain, hug people and hold hands. oh but there's this quote that caught my attention, that somehow i never realized the last time i saw Madagascar 2

"Listen Moto Moto. You better treat this lady like a queen because you my friend, you found yourself the perfect women. If I was ever so lucky to find the perfect women I would give her flowers everyday and not just any flowers, okay? Her favorites are orchids, white, and breakfast in bed... six loaves of wheat toast with butter on both sides, no crust. The way she likes it. I'd be her shoulder to cry on and her best friend and I'd spend everyday trying to think of how to make her laugh. She has the most, most amazing laugh. Well that's what I would do if I were you."

now i have to face reality and get ready for work.

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