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A day at the movies today was AWESOME (minus the infuriating one hour looking for a parking space) with Sarah. I couldn't care less how much i spent, especially since we watched at Gardens. i like watching movies at Signature. less people which means no fuss in lining up to buy tickets and less noise in the cinema.

I knew that Pirates of The Caribbean was gonna be great, but i didn't expect it to be that awesome. It was the first time Pirates was in 3D which made it even better. well the fact that it starred Johnny Depp, how could it not be great, yes? after this movie, my perspective towards mermaids have altered from the mermaids in The Little Mermaid i grew up with.

Sarah had to go back after the movie but then Hakim came to hang out with me. Lamaaaa tak jumpa, perhaps the last time was in Puncak Alam. Itu pun jarang sgt sgt sbb dia budak engine. best lah borak borak catching up :)

i drove back alone, which i like. i get to blast music and pretend i'm Travis Barker lol.

**Thankyou Sarah for making this. i'm touched :')

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