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Happy Mummys Day!

Happy Mothers Day, mummy ♥ No one can compare to the love that you've poured onto me and abang !

Balik balik kerja tadi i read the sweet text abang sent. here is what it said :

M = for the millions of things you gave me
O = means mummy is getting older :)
T = is for the tears you shed bringing me up
H = your heart is pure gold
E = for your 2 loved children, Emir and Emira who is proud of their mom.
R = means she's always right, and always will be

All together they spell "MOTHER" and all that you represent to us. Today's just a day to make up for the thank you's that you never received .

as for me, i made her a bouquet of Ferrero Rocher flowers. Because i made it myself, i didn't have to pay yeay thanks to working at Famous Amos, which taught me a whole lot of expanding my creativity :)

**thankyou to the guy thats been giving me Starbucks blends for a few days now. i don't know your name but thankyou. ice blends actually make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, i love em hehe. if u come tomorrow, i'll give you a bag of cookies :)

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