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getting dressed

" Always dress like you're going to see your worst enemy "
-Kimora Lee Simmons-

I absolutely need a wardrobe makeover. i have so so so many clothes, but i have nothing to wear. you see, i usually pick out clothes i wear the night before i go out. eventually, i choose the same friggin outfit over and over again. last weekend, i've picked out clothes from my wardrobe that i feel like i don't need anymore and want to give away. in the end, i'm constantly like "ini nanti nak pakai lah" and "sayang lah nak bagi orang bla bla bla" and now i'm stuck with closets stuffed with clothes i'll never wear.

so this will be a promise to myself ; Let go of things you don't need and give em to the people that actually need em. Bila mega sale eh? i feel depressed everytime i walk into Zara and Topshop and end up buying nothing. yeah i can always ask my dad for money, tapi i feel more satisfied buying things using my own earned money. so tunggu June ni and i'll shop till i drop

on my current wishlist :
  • Tiamo ballet flats. i fell in love with em the moment i passed through the store in Gardens
  • A Zara leather jacket. i've always wanted one, no reason why
  • Feather earrings. especially the ones i saw in Forever 21

i was thinking of buying a new perfume but thanks to daddy who bought me a few bottles during his trip to the UK. i can't stop smelling the Lolita Lempicka, Si Lolita one. Burberry, Touch is more sophisticated, which i'm not lol. Vera Wang, Lovestruck is sweet and vanilla-ish which i like. still, my fave pick is Lolita. to those that are looking for fragrancess, check out Lolita Lempicka. i'm not sure where its sold but you just have to pick up a bottle and buy it. like seriously.

okay wow, i didn't expect such a long post. cepat lah June :)

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