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rants rants rants

tak dpt pun 4flat. jadi cleaner jelah mcmni :( siapa kata spm penentu hidup ? tipu tipu tipu. ASASI yg penentu hidup and unfortunately my ticket to doing medic just flew away. byebye lah medic. spm gempak mana pun tak dpt nk pursue.

mommy ? she didn't take it so well. still she wnts me to try my best

daddy ? like always, being so so supportive.

me : (in tears) daddy ! result teruk ni. mira buat biotech jelah. jd lecturer je
daddy : takpayah mira takpayah. belum habis lg ni. sem 2 kan ada lg. jgn sedih sedih.

thankyou. i love you


  1. mira jgn sedih. betul ckp ur daddy :)
    kite pun cuak, baru habis exam

  2. mechaaa :') goodluck fr yr finals. asasi mmg tough kan. takpe, we're tougher :)

  3. mira dear~ betul ckp daddy mira tu... n sometimes~ miracles can happen :) try ur best next sem <3

  4. Miraaa result kite pun teruk jugak okeyh.sobsob. try our best for the next sem beybeyh!