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sorry daddy (?)

okay this happened last thursday but i haven't been online till now
so heres the story ...

thursday, april 15th
" ugghh baju takde niii, nak pakai apa pegi convo?"
then i called daddy, asked him if he could take me out during his lunch break to buy something decent for convo. baju kurung particularly. thank God he agreed but the thing was he had a meeting at 3 so we agreed that he would drop me off at alamanda and give me cash to buy the baju kurung on my own. uh-oh that was the problem! i'm in a mall. on my own. with alot of money. what could be worse? whenever i have alot of money in my hands i get crazy! and believe me, i'm the worst at staying on budget and at saving.

so there i was, walking and walking around alamanda to find a baju kurung. a baju kurung ONLY. then i went into Omar Ali looking for the baju kurung and there was one that i kinda liked but thought that i would take a look around at other shops before buying it. oops, wrong decision!

the problem was when i walked into esprit --' i just couldn't resist the temptation. so to please myself, i promised to ONLY TRY THEM ON and buy them later with daddy. for goodness sake mira, u have a baju kurung to buy, and that baju kurung isn't at all cheap so there wouldn't be any money left to buy theseee. grrr so i grabbed 3 tops and marched to the fitting room, only to please myself. then, i fell in love! to make it worse, i grabbed another 3 and went to the fitting room. and guess what? i bought all 6!!! baju kurung? nahh, pinjam baju aunty jelah hahaha. the problem; daddy

at around 4, daddy called and said that he was at mcd. so i walked as slowly as i could, trying to figure out how to explain to him the fact that the money was finished but no baju kurung. adoyyy. when i told daddy that the money was finished, he was okay with it but when i said that theres no baju kurung, he looked confused. then mula lah dia garu2 kepala. lepastu he saw the esprit bag and said 'hmm apalah nak jadi dgn anak daddy sorang ni' omg i felt really really guilty. kesian nya diaaaa :( but all was good. i borrowed aunty's baju yg penuh manik tu. daddy tak marah langsung pon. but still; sorry daddyyy. jgn bagi mira pegang duit sorang2 lagiiiii

friday, april 16th
arrived at school around 5 pm . i was excited, but not all frantic about the convo cos beng and ain weren't gonna be there. that evening ain passed her jpj test and texted me about it. good job babe! ;) during late night, i didn't actually sleep, borak borak dgn emy abt lejat and dinie with syera skali. rupa2 nya mimi pon pura2 tdo and join dengar :D me n emy are kinda in the same situation now. her advice? forget lejat. thats what i'm trying to do but isn't really a success. yet.but i'm getting better at it especially when i have such amazing friends to help me through :)

saturday, april 17th
waiting to get on stage felt soo lamaaaa. sampai shahrin pon tetidur next to me. syahmi gelak2 je. atiqah b told me to snap his photo. gelak2 je masa tu. after all was done in the dewan, we all took many many photos. still, it would be better if my 2 bestest friends were there too. it didn't feel the same without them. around 2, my heals were killing me! so i decided to head back home.

oh and one more thing to say.
my eyes were locked on
farid ali! handsome gilaaaaaa :DD

okay okay thats all. ttfn :)


  1. ehem ehem farid ali?

  2. hahahahahahaaaaa mne bju esprit tuh~ :DD

  3. haha mecha. temptations! :DD

    yess ppl, i've had a crush on farid ali since form3 haha

    mel, bila kau kuar dgn aku, aku pakai okay ;)

  4. Mira! Nice post! I loikkeee :D
    mira sgt cute lah, haha