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i hate you cry baby


sometimes i hate being such a softy. sikit sikit teringat. sikit sikit nak sedih. sikit sikit nak je text tp punyalah takut. ish alaaa ish alaaa ish pffft ! please laaaaa emira assila ! dah setahun kot and if he wanted to talk, he would just talk. and and stop lah expecting. just stop ! I know you still care and i know you still would just simply crawl back to him but NO ! you have pride and dignity. he chose to move on and so will you !

well yeah those memories just pop out of nowhere but what the heck. nama pun memories and bukannya boleh buat apa pun. i knooow that it's kinda shitty when you start comparing other guys with him, that no one can be better than him. but what the hell ? of course there are alot of better off guys than him. why can't you see mira oi ? why are you making such a big deal out of this c'mon lah.

please stick thru this and try to forget him. please please please. if Tyson Ritter can forget his girlfriend of 6 years, then so can you.

fr the friggin last time i'll say this out loud (i mean public) :
i miss you al-haizat

this is the original recording of Tyson Ritter's song he wrote after he broke up with 6 -year gf, Kim Smith.

Even he said : A broken heart just takes time

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