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ugly funny guys are way hotter than boring hot guys.

I got up from the couch, flipped open my laptop and logged in to my blogger account to share something to prove everyone wrong. COFFEE IS NOT ALL THAT BAD FOR YOU !

My housemates and cousins are always complaining that i'm such a coffee addict and that i might die fast -____- well, IN YOUR FACE ! you guys are so wrong *evil laugh*

the google results :

children who drink coffee with milk are less likely to have depression than other children. Coffee can make the heart stronger and protects it against heart diseases.Coffee stimulates the action of the heart muscle.So, it can reduce the risk of abnormal heart rhythm

Only too much will be harmful. well screw that, even too much of a good thing is bad. everything must be well balanced.

so if you're one of those I-need-a-cup-of-coffee-right-now type of person like me, then HIGH 5 and lets indulge our love fr coffee by making a cup right now :)

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