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okay its been 2months now so aren't i supposed to be okay?
nobody said it was easy
oh its such a shame for us to part
nobody said it was easy
no one ever said it would be this hard
i'm going back to the start

i just wonder do u ever think of me anymore. do you?
imissyou *tears*


  1. emira! mcm mane u boleh jmpe my blog? malu lahhhhh! :D btw,welcome to blogging world.hehe. :)) kat bangi ke? waaaahhhhhh! jom la dtg rumah!!!

  2. mira kenapa letak gambar kayin yang tuuuuu ??? haha, mira kayin nak gambar haritu semua nak nak nak . bila nak add on facebook ni ?

  3. mira belum ada fb haha. nnt mira bg kat ym.
    atai : hellooooo :)

  4. imyt!!!t da de fb add la akk yea~~ tc my dear <3