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amar nak kurus!

so last night i was on the phone with amar ruzai for like 2 hours. mainly the conversation was about him jogging twice a day! amar was the last person on my mind that would actually work out haha sorry amar ;D so we were talking and laughing (well actually he was talking and i was the one laughing). he is sooooo determined to get so kurus. and the most absurd thing was, he refused to show any of his latest photos, even on facebook cos he wanted everyone to start falling head over heels when they see him on the day of the results. haha u're pathetic lah amar! so watchout majesticlegacy 0509. amar will be a new man! haha

the new amar :)

oh and today i watched beauty and the geek, one of my must-watch shows and i have to say that i hate william!
he's like the most cocky and stuck-up geek ever!

quote of the day:
"in school, you're given the lesson and then the test. but in life, you're given the test and then the lesson"

ttfn :)