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icecream guy

today was kinda interesting. well technically, yesterday (its already midnight)
so i woke up at 3 or so ( i slept at 8a.m) when ain text me abt getting her L and planning bout us going to pavi next thursday. and that reminds me, takde duit lagi ni. tak mintak daddy lg. mcm malu pun ada jugak pasal duduk rumah je membuta tetiba mintak duit byk nak beli baju lah segala. but daddy is THE NO.1 DAD ;) lgpun lamaaaa tak buy stuffs besides food haha. so okay back to the story. after texting bla bla i got up and showered. i looked at the mirror and my cheeks were like bigger than yestarday! -_______-
so i decided to go for a jog at tasik permaisuri
so there i was lari lari, jalan, lari lari, jalan. yeah penat like hell. (teringat amar pula haha) and then after like 30 mins i was soooo penat jalan pun tak larat so i rested at a bench. Suddenly an icecream popped in front of me and this guy was just smiling holding the cone. this was the conversation :

mira: eh? umm *smiles*
(of course i was nervous and freaked)
guy : eh ambil lah. merah gila muka. panas kan farah?
and so i was thinking, dia ni salah org laaaa
mira : oh haah panas. um u salah org kot. nama bukan farah
guy : haha saje je teka. so nama apa?
mira : um mira.
guy : oh i'm shafiq


then he started telling abt himself and i was just like 'oh' and 'hehe' (i'm not really good with new ppl). and yeah, i did eat the icecream :) oh and he was also 18 this year. he gave me his number but noooo i havent got back to him yet. but later, maybe

so today was the beginning of a new friendship :)

ttfn :)