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beautifully broken.

i have to stop this! sleeping at 6 a.m. and waking up at 2 p.m

mira mira miraaaaaa stop (!)
its not that i dont wanna sleep. i just can't. its hard being alone trying to sleep in my bed at night. it kinda makes me remember him for some reason. then i'll start listening to those sad songs and start crying. grrr! so usually i would watch tv sampai tertido depan that tv then mummy akan kejut " mira, naik bilik. dah pagi ni. "

my mom calls this my sarang bawah tangga. mainly only i watch tv here :)

i read kayin's blog like 5 mins ago. she watched the movie 'how to deal' and the one thing that really got me all teary was the part where kayin wrote 'first loves, are never really over'
man it hurts to even imagine how long i'll take to heal.

ttfn :'(

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