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i have run out of answers when people ask "kenapa tak ada boyfriend lagi?" well honestly, maybe i just don't need one right now. maybe i haven't met THE one yet. or perhaps i just don't even know why. i'm not indeed needy, not at all. i'm perfectly fine with hanging out with my bestfriends and having dinners with my family.

one thing's for sure, the answer of that question has nothing to do with building a wall due to a past relationship, as some may assume. the past makes you who you are today. why should i be dwelling over it, afraid of the present.

i once was afraid of everyone already having partners, that maybe i will be left out and end up unmarried. but somehow someone said to me "don't ever worry. the right guy will come at the right time under the right circumstances." So ever since he said that, i no longer am worried. I guess God has a love story for everyone so no fret.

in finding the right guy (not now maybe someday), hands down i'm attracted by looks. but personality is what actually makes me stay. As in i still would pick an average funny guy over a handsome jerk.

i'm only 19 and still young. maybe alot of 19 year olds already have boyfriends but it doesn't mean that i must have one too. everyone has choices.

i think i was too young having a boyfriend at 15, naive to thinking that it would actually last. now it's time to grow up and learn from the past.

Eventhough i have a billion more to write, i guess my eyes are getting all weary and the fact that i have to wake up for Sahur at 4.30 and send Aunty Za back home at 9, i hope this will be enough to answer those "kenapa tak ada boyfriend lagi" questions.

goodnight loves.

**p/s : i'm abit frustrated Callum didn't win Masterchef

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