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dear you

it's been a long time since i last thought of you
nearly two years since we parted ways
time flies
but it's been only a couple of months since we last talked
only a couple of months since i learned to let go

i used to wonder
why does it take me nearly 2 years
to finally get over you
well today,
i now know why

you were a big part of me growing up
i used to confide in you
things very personal to me
things i've never told anyone, not even my bestest friends
bcause you were kind of my bestfriend then

today is one of those rough days
hearing things i don't wanna hear
from people i don't wanna hear it from
days where i feel like screaming in my mind
too coward to let it out of my mouth
days that i feel relieved
only after a good cry

well it's times like today
that i start to remember you
not that i miss you
not that i still hold feelings
those feelings aren't there anymore

it's just that
i wish i had someone to confide in again

someone like you.

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