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sugar rush

*me & ain

My days of craving for a Giant Macaroon are finally over! i initially intended to bring my friends to buy some Macaroons at the Gardens but had a last minute change of plans and headed to Pavilion just cause of the better variety of shops, though a bit disappointed for not being able to get my Giant Macaroons. while walking around, i stumbled across Delectable and literally jumped up and down because this was the exact shop selling Giant Macaroons in The Gardens, though i didn't know it would also be in Pavilion! due to the sugar rush *just by looking at those giant beauties* i bought all 6 Macaroons on display for each one of us, since i did promise them i would. so here, take a look at how big they are; palm size *my palm.

*these giant babies are available at Delectable by Su in Pavilion or The Gardens at RM10/each (is put in a box with a ribbon on top)

thankyou for the feel-good day Ain, Mimi, Faghah, Izzul and Shah :)

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