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first day, first time

so yesterday was my last day of working. i've stopped working formerly cause i was supposed to go on a trip to UK tomorrow but suddenly is postponed to December due to the whole MARA situation ; needs to sign papers, BTN and stuff. So maybe every cloud has a silver lining.

the first day of being unemployed is kind of a bittersweet feeling. i get to wake up whenever i want, shower and eat to my likings. however i miss entertaining cute adorable little kids that want to buy candy, listening to Izat's fascinating stories and already miss the friends i've made.

yet today i couldn't resist myself from going to my work place intentionally just for a brief trip but ended out as a 3 hour stay. i ate gummy bears like a starving child. i just don't know whats with me and gummy bears but i just can't stop eating em. except the orange and yellow ones. yes, i'm a picky eater.

so Izat will be resigning too soon, and we reckoned to go watch a movie or jogging some time. oh and i'll be going to Opah's house this Thursday. can't wait ! ;)

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