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i was literally rubbing my eyes in disbelief on friday morning, as i read that i was accepted a scholar to do a degree in Medicine under the UKM-UNPAD twinning programme after previous weeks of stress and anxiety of waiting for results. One word rushed through my lips; Alhamdulillah.

despite myself being a bit sceptical to do Medicine in Indonesia in the beginning (due to an un-opened mind i suppose), my eyes are wide open now thanks to a bunch of Mummy's friends who are also Doctors that also lecture medical students in UKM (my future lecturers). They said i should change my mentality that medical schools in Indonesia don't produce good doctors, quoting them "in the end, it's not about the school you go to. it's how great of a doctor you'll be, which comes in time of experience, passion and dedication.

thats the good news. the bad news is i think i won't be able to go to Paris. you see, i'll have to go to BTN to get this MARA scholar which unfortunately will be on the 25th. it was planned that i'm supposed to leave London to Paris on that very day, so i guess no Paris for me. I'll have to get myself back in Malaysia on the 24th, ALONE since daddy still has work there till the 29th. Boo hoo ! i'm still hoping the date of BTN will be postponed though, pleaseee!

so today at work, Leisure Mall was full of people, considering the fact that people were afraid of going out to KL because of the whole crap Bersih thing. Oh come on Malaysia, whats with the hate and all ? well even Hafiz and Adira from AF went to Leisure Mall to watch a movie i suppose and even stopped by Famous Amos to buy cookies from me. what i didn't know was that they were like really close. they even put cookies into each other's mouths, like for real.

oh i'd like to highly recommend those who like eating icecream, should buy Famous Amos' cookie crumbs for only RM4 per kilo. you can sprinkle it on top of an ice cream, make the base of a cheesecake or even mix it into your ice blend drink like i did. Yum, i guarantee!

oh i bought this book, The Big Book Of Cupcakes today and can't wait to be a cupcake-making freak ! the book is super cute and colourful and has amazing recipes of red velvet and such an God i can't wait to start trying them all !