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yes, its a friday and its raining like crazy so yeah i'm still under my duvet while writing this. i love the rain especially on days i can just curl up in bed with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. i wouldn't mind playing in the rain though like when i was a kid. i miss reading. well to be precise, reading as in reading things apart from college books. i used to read at a regular basis but now since this foundation program is awfully a short program yet so much theories and formulas i have to memorize, i am obliged to abandon reading for a while. my language is becoming sucky and flat. its kinda starting to bore myself. Anyhow, i still manage to go browsing once in a while to discover books i'd like to read after my foundation ends in march 2011. the short list includes :
i'm also considering a wardrobe change cause i have tons of clothes but i have literally nothing to wear. you see, everytime i plan to go out i usually spend the whole night to pick out what i would wear. My mom is in fact a big fan of The Gardens, Midvalley and we go there on fridays when i'm back home which i always HAVE to pay a visit to Kate Spade, the only outlet here in Malaysia. I've been a big fan of her's since last year and i get all pumped among walking through their front door. everything is super pretty and uh so beautiful! if only i had a million ringgit in my pocket, i'd buy em all. what's not to love about this and this and this and this and this and ugh this

i've tried batting my eyes at daddy and say 'daddy you are the best. nak ni boleh ?' then he just said 'awak kecik lagi nak pakai benda benda mahal mcm ni. tunggu besar sikit' and i was like -_______- well maybe he's right. atleast i have something to make me work a lil harder. and as he's always been, (the greatest dad of all time) he bought me something while he was in the States and eventhough it wasn't kate spade, but it was coach and though i'm not a big fan of coach (except the Poppy line), i'm touched that he understands and knows how much i want these :') so i'm grateful anyways and will definately end up owning a whole lot of kate spade's collection soon. just you wait !

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