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don't trust too much, don't hope too much

because it can hurt you so much

okay neither the title nor the above part has anything to do with my post. just a random quote. i love quotes if you haven't noticed. okay needless to be over-joyed bcos i have tests in about a week but lets get a bit jolly ay? IT'S MID-SEM BREAK BABY WOHOOOO ! okay thats just about how far i'll go.

so, i just finished watching lagenda budak setan for like the second time ? yep, second. i know lotsa ppl cried, excluding me though but what can i say? it should win a whole lot of awards. kudos to the director and actors. Malaysia, please do more movies like this. pretty please? tolong lah jgn lagi buat cerita merapu merabun pasal anak2 dato, kontrak 10 juta, rempit, those stupid cerita hantu (except damping malam sbb ada SEMASHUR) and cerita mak bedah gossip dgn mak timah jiran sebelah, mengumpat org kampung. oh puh-leaseeeee ! ingat nak sgt ke kami ni tgk cerita mcm ni ? oh and lemme just blurt this out ; Lisa Surihani is one fine lady ! seriously, i have had a girl crush on u for like years! kenapa kena cantik sgt ? jealous niiiii. you go girl !

cerita kedua bout today.before watching lgnda bdk stn, bangun pagi, belum mandi, makan roti lepastu abang ckp 'mira, jom pergi alamanda jom?' and i was like 'joooooom!' dah lah tengah YES, lagi lah rajin nak jalan jalan :D he said nak tgk baju lah bla bla bla. after mandi manda, we left for alamanda. jalan beli jalan beli jalan makan jalan beli. :D then nampak BANK ISLAM. saje nak check allowance dah masuk ke belum sbb haritu org kata dah masuk. check punya check, YEAYYYYY DUITTTTT ! hahaha seronok gila kot. but shhhh it's a secret from daddy. nanti mesti dia tolak my monthly allowance. so my lips are sealed. masa nak beli dress dekat ENVEE utk dinner pun fikir dua tiga kali. nak ke tanak nak ke tanak. taknak lah. lainkali. ajak daddy nnt. sorry daddy but i'll buy you a house one day :D tapi seriously that dress was GORGEOUS baby! okay okay sabar sabar.

then we drove home. by the time i got home, i was like CURSE YOU M*******L PAIN ! -_______-

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