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mimi i ♥ you !

Myms ! fuhh finally you're officially 19 ! yeay to you :) so this year i decided to make cupcakes as a gift bcause i don't exactly have an idea on what to buy, but hey cupcakes are cute AND even cuter because I baked them *grins

So hanging out with you today was fun and i hope that we'll get to meet for the last time this thursday. and I can't wait to show you my new haircut !

*has anyone been like me, drooling over some Toms shoes on Tumblr, wondering where the eff you can get something as similar if not same, knowing that theres no Toms store in Malaysia?

Well girls, problem solved ! i've found and bought some similar shoes at Dorothy Perkins and can i say that the price is sooooo unbelievable? well yeah, it is! below than rm100. so those who have the same dilemma as i did, go rush to the nearest dorothy perkins. cheers !

** Dear Mimi, ure the coolest girl i know.
we'll be friends no matter how tall we grow

i think u're so special in so many ways
u make it sunny even on blue days
so thanks for being nice to me
bestfriends forever is what we'll always be

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