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bags of emotion

Theres like 5 days left and i haven't even started packing. Packing has been my ultimate pet peeve ever. its so overwhelming.

Its abit disappointing this raya, Adly left his dslr charger in Meleka so not much photos were taken though nearly all of us cousins wore blue and looked all colour coded. we would've made Abang sooo jealous, but oh well.

The bbq at Opah's was an emotional rollercoster, from extremely fun to tear jerking. i'm super happy that i get to enjoy eating grilled everything, caramel puding that me and sarah made and all the food my aunties and uncles brought. but the moment it was time to go home, i teared up hugging my cousins.

though they promised to pay me a visit in Bandung, but it's still sad that i'll miss opportunities to join family events like yesterday's bbq. i'll miss them all.

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