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been busy (watching football)

i didn't believe that when ppl said "being a medical student, you will be busy as hell". now i've come to realize that they were true and thus explains why this blog of mine has become ancient.

i wish i could put into words EVERYTHING that has been going on since staying in Bandung, but unfortunately i haven't the slightest clue on where to start.

so i guess i'll just be starting with today and let the past few months' events be written once i have the time ( if i remember, that is)

SO yeay to HARIMAU MUDA yesterday! you made me walk proudly amongst Indonesian people here in Bandung ( eventhough at times i felt like i could wet my pants when an indonesian stares at me. you know how fanatic they get )

My senior (the head of Malaysian students in Bandung) got death threats and he admitted to have lodged a police report (yes, it was that serious). hopefully everything returns back to normal.

We screamed like lunatics watching yesterdays match. I didn't even study afterwards, tired of screaming and shouting and jumping and complaining ( oh c'mon the referee was bias big time! )

so okay thats all i get sleepy quick here and i sleep at 11 (MAJOR NERD!) due to the freezing weather here at night so, yeah.

Seriously what would we do without Khairul Fahmi. You were a hero !

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