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dear afifi aizira,

you've probably arrived in Syria by now and i'm very deeply sorry that we didn't meet up before you left. you sent me this warm-long-tear-jerking text message this morning around 3 but i was already dead asleep and was really upset that i didn't wake up at that instance. you see, i didn't know that you're flight was on the 8th, i thought it was on the 10th. and i was stuck studying fr exams i had today. Honestly if i knew, i would've called you last night and we could have talked for hours, screw my exams. i'm really upset with myself for not being able to meet you before you left. i truly am. i could literally kick myself in the butt. and yeah, i replied your text waaaay too late, you must've already been on your way by then. well anyways, i just want you to know that you've been such an AMAZING friend. And also the longest i've known. we've known each other for like 9 years? i know right, that long ! and despite the fact that i've moved away from shah alam, it just seems like we never lose contact and still keep up to date. i love you for that :) remember the good old days when you would come to my house in shah alam after school and we would make up our own recipes and cook and swim out at the swimming pool and have sleepovers. i miss those days. we were so close. you, me, farah, nabila and nik. we were like peanut butter and jelly ; stuck on each other. oh and there's this time that i felt like i could give the world to you, and farah. the time when i felt all empty and soul-less. when i broke up. you guys made me feel ever so lucky that i was ever blessed to meet you guys. eventhough you guys were like miles away, i really felt like i was leaning on your shoulders. so dear fifi, i just want you to take good care of yourself there and come back with an honorable degree script. you're such a sweet but LOUD little lady. hope you meet beautiful and amazing new people there though also please remember us here. you'll always be safe in our hearts. so long buddy. you will be dearly missed. especially be me :')

i ♥ you like a fat kid loves cake

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