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I'm happy to say that I'm in much higher spirits. i hate sounding all gloomy and sad writing my posts but sometimes I just need to vent - as we all do, I suppose. In any case, I think that the sadness & emptiness is far behind me now. And here are a few things that helped clear my head and warm my soul:
  • i listen to inspiring songs. who says taylor swift is the only person that can write meaningful lyrics ? so can the all-american rejects, sum 41 & bon jovi. great lyrics by my all-time fave musicians. to be the cherry on top of the icecream, i bought myself a new ipod nano, replacing my old broken one.
  • my family and friends. thanks for the on-going support. thankyou izzat afiq for never getting bored of listening me say 'his' name. and what warmed the cockles of my heart was when daddy said

    " takpe mira. nanti daddy mesti cakap thanks dekat dia sebab tinggalkan mira. sebab dia lepaskan mira dekat orang yang lebih bagus drpd dia "

    this was a phone call so tak berapa nak ingat sgt the exact words but there it is. he's the world's greatest dad :')
  • went shopping. this is my way of therapy. i feel overjoyed when i buy something new

  • this encouraging book that i recently bought and read. yeah i know, it's too cliche to read books abt breakups. but this one is in fact humorous and inspiring. not sad at all. and come on, i think i need this. one whole year and still not over him ? COME ONNN
  • Tumblr. the feeling i get when reading inspirational quotes and funny pictures. it cheers me up.

  • I don't want to miss out on all the fun in life. i'll start to walk ahead and never look back. i'm kind of pinky swearing my own two pinkies :D

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